Best Office Phones for Small Business 2017

The days of local calls are a thing of the past as most of us converse with people who are in different parts of the world. In order to reduce the cost of international calls, people are turning to VoIP and make calls through their computers. With the VoIP market growing every day, choices have expanded considerably for people who use the service. This can make VoIP confusing for people who are beginning to realize the benefits of such calls. A thorough understanding of what is VoIP and what options are available when selecting a provider can make the transition process easier to complete.

What is it and why you want it?
VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a method for making telephone calls via computer, whether a headset connected to your computer or an IP phone connected to the network. Telephone and computer systems are linked together so you can take your landline and speak for him the same way you always do. However, the call is connected through the Internet, which reduces costs and allows tap the potential of the services offered by providers of IP telephony.

The most common reasons why people are turning to VoIP are:
Low cost international calls. This is the main feature of VoIP makes it attractive for the average user. Instead of paying a fee long distance landline provider or accumulate charges of making international calls on a phone Mobile, you can pay a small fee to a VoIP provider that connects the call over the Internet at a much cheaper price.

Integration of voice, data and video. You can integrate VoIP with your Outlook address book, gmail, apple, etc. to save all your contacts in one place. You can hold teleconferences from remote locations using VoIP technology. And you can easily convert an IM conversation or email in a voice conversation through VoIP.

People want a single phone number. With VoIP, you can use one phone number for all locations. This means that calls made ??to the number of VoIP can go to an exchange office to be responsible for distributing the services all departments. This is a great feature for small and medium companies with several departments and receive a substantial amount of calls.

Choosing your VoIP system
The first decision you will make when choosing a new system of VoIP is if you want your own server or hosted. Almost everyone works with a VoIP hosted servidorde. However, there are advantages and disadvantages of each, so you should know about them when making your choice.

Own server: To do this, you must install and maintain the basic system of VoIP at home using hardware that controls it. This is the old method of using VoIP at home, and people increasingly prefer less. However, if you have a big business, you may find that you prefer the way this lets you control your calls.

Hosted server. This system allows you to complete your VoIP provider managing calls over the Internet without obtaining the hardware . This is a cheaper way to use VoIP is cheaper monthly and is also easier for the Most people, because it means you do not have to deal with the routing of calls. For households, this is almost always the way to go.

Select VoIP functions
Once you have selected the type of system you want to use VoIP, determine the features you want. Most people opt for the same fundamental characteristics that could choose any phone. However, there are many different features that They can be used with VoIP as their platform calls. Some features of VoIP that you’ll want to consider are:

Call Forwarding. If you want to be able to use the same VoIP number in different places, you must use call forwarding to facilitate this task.

Barring. It is a good idea to consider getting call blocking if you think you have a chance of becoming a victim of incessant calls.
Area code selection. Some VoIP companies allow pick your area code.

The future is VoIP
VoIP is becoming a common word in our world today. Subscribers of this new technology are increasing. Many phone companies already use this service. Maybe you did not know it was VoIP until today, but it is very possible that you have used when he made his last phone call long distance.